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How To Install Websphere MQ on a Linux x86

How To Install Websphere MQ on a Linux x86


Download the Image

Download the installable and fix-pack



Step 1: Download the mozilla prerequisite

a.       mozilla-nspr-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm

b.      mozilla-nss-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm

c.       mozilla-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm


Step 2: Install the mozilla rpm’s in the sequence they are listed below

a.       rpm   –ivh   mozilla-nspr-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm

b.      rpm   –ivh   mozilla-nss-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm

c.       rpm   –ivh   mozilla-1.7.3-18.EL4.i386.rpm


Step 3: Unzip the MQ downloadable (C8472ML.tar)

            a:  tar   –xvh   C8472ML.tar


Step 4: Install the downloadable

a.       Run the script.

If you want to view a text-only version of the license, which can be read by a screen-reader, type:

        ./ -text_only
      The license is displayed.


If want to accept the license without it being displayed, you can run the script with the -accept option.

      ./ -accept

You must accept the license agreement before you can proceed with the installation.

b.      rpm    –ivh     installable1.rpm  installable2.rpm     installable3.rpm       installable4.rpm   …..

            (It will install all the rpm’s and find out the dependencies itself)


Step 5: Unzip the fixpack (6.0.2-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0003.tar.gz)

a.       gunzip    6.0.2-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0003.tar.gz

b.      tar   -xvh    6.0.2-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0003.tar


Step 6: Install the fix pack

a.       Resolve the issue with gsk

When you install the downloadable, “gsk7bas-7.0-3.15.i386.rpm” gets installed. Inside the fixpack there is same gsk rmp so we need to manually update this gsk. To manually update the “gsk7bas-7.0-3.15.i386.rpm” type the below command:


i. rpm  –U   gsk7bas-7.0-3.15.i386.rpm


b.      Resolve the issues with jdk

When you install the downloadable, “IBMJava2-SDK-1.4.2-0.0.i386.rpm” gets installed. Inside the fixpack there is a updated JDK which needs to be installed. We need to uninstall the previous JDK and reinstall the new JDK inside the fixpack Type the following command to do the following:


i.                     rpm –qa | grep IBM

ii.                   rpm –e   IBMJava2-SDK-1.4.2-0.0.i386.rpm

iii.                  rpm   -ivh   IBMJava2-142-ia32-SDK-1.4.2-9.0.i386.rpm


c.       Install the fixpack

Once the above two issues are solved you can install the fixpack by selecting all other rpm’s same as Step 4.a 



Note: You don’t have to install all the language. Skip the language rpm’s which installing and don’t select them.

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